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Currency Credit to Account Cash Pick-Up
Pound Sterling to Indian Rupee Exchange Rate
Indian Rupee
87.2500 87.2500
Pound Sterling to Pakistan Rupee Exchange Rate
Pakistan Rupee
194.0000 194.0000
Pound Sterling to Philippine Peso Exchange Rate
Philippine Peso
65.2500 65.2000
Pound Sterling to Bangladeshi Taka Exchange Rate
Bangladeshi Taka
106.2000 106.1000
Pound Sterling to Sri Lanka Rupee Exchange Rate
Sri Lanka Rupee
220.5500 220.5500
Indonesian Rupiah
17843.9551 17793.6758
Pound Sterling to Nepalese Rupee Exchange Rate
Nepalese Rupee
139.3055 139.4563
Last updated rates at 2019-06-17 10:23:37
Rates are indicative and subject to change. These may vary by bank or service used.
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions
Currency Buy Sell
Pound Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate
1.1401 1.0966
Pound Sterling to US Dollar Exchange Rate
US Dollar
1.2765 1.2330
Pound Sterling to Swiss Franc Exchange Rate
Swiss Franc
1.2785 1.2195
Pound Sterling to Australian Dollar Exchange Rate
Australian Dollar
1.8582 1.7982
Pound Sterling to Croatian Kuna Exchange Rate
Croatian Kuna
8.7212 8.0273
Pound Sterling to Turkish Lira Exchange Rate
Turkish Lira
7.8696 7.0276
Pound Sterling to Swedish Krona Exchange Rate
Swedish Krona
12.2973 11.6807
Last updated rates at 2019-06-17 10:23:37
Rates are indicative and subject to change. These may vary by bank or service used.
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Money Transfer

Money Transfer
All your money transfer needs covered, with safe, smart and fast services online or in branch.

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Travel Money

Travel Money
Great currency exchange rates for any occasion!

  • Excellent rates on 25 currencies
  • No commission charges on foreign currency exchange
  • Sent to your home!

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Currency Converter
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